Monday, 6 December 2010

Give the bride a rolling pin . . . . (or two)

in this 1950s wedding photo (a flea market find) the bride is not only holding the usual lucky horseshoe, but two rolling pins. My mom remembers brides being given rolling pins (that would be in the 1950s). According to my dictionary of superstition, it would be given as a good luck charm, in one account, it is a Midlands custom (this photo is from the Midlands) and traditionally the rolling pin would be made of glass (and thus be connected somehow with the glass making industry in the Black Country) and afterwards only used for pastry made for weddings. Another account describes a gift of a glass rolling pin in Sunderland, again a connection with the glass factories from that area. The rolling pins in this photo appear to be wooden, so the tradition continued when the glass industries were not so prolific. It seems to have died out in the 1960s.

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