Monday, 7 February 2011

much loved . . .

I'm sure these two were much loved by their humans.  This photo comes from the same lot as yesterday's image.  As the photos are different - sepia to black and white and by size, I would say this one is later, so I'm not sure if the handsome fellow at the front is the one in the first photo, it could be him a few years on.   The shot could well be the other end of the back yard.  They both look treasured.

Edit: I've had a closer look, and it looks like there is grass growing up between the slabs and that is under his paw, the lighter part looks like a difference in colour of the slabs.

1 comment:

  1. Boy, that is a sweet photo! Can you tell what is under the paw of the white cat with the big mane? And the cat in the foreground sure has a sweet, flat face! The old gate, the brick and the paving are an added bonus to this photo. It is "put in the safe" worthy!


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