Saturday, 26 February 2011

a souvenir

A souvenir from the International Exhibition Kimberley (South Africa) in 1892.
If I were a Victorian tourist in another life I would have bought souvenirs like this.  Again it is missing a saucer (the cup from Blackpool was too, infact thinking about it they may well have been owned by the same person, who obviously wasn't very careful with saucers, or maybe they had a cat).
The Rush for diamonds seem to have been the attraction in Kimberley, I didn't find any good info on the Exhibition itself, but this site shows Old Kimberley town.


  1. You would think it would be the cup that would get broken first. I think this is a great collectible. I visited Kimberly once years ago. Not much there except for a big diamond mine as I recall.

  2. Interesting old cup. I have a couple of Seattle World's Fair cups (1962) that are also missing saucers. If you find any back there, and I find a Blackpool or Kimberley here, perhaps we could make a trade?

  3. since MONTREAL hosted such an exhibition in 1967, i feel a connection here. and this is quite a lovely piece you got there. i did post on SS about my experience at the EXPO '67 in my youth. i wonder what their experience was like back in 1892. things were evolving back then, the beginning of the true modern age.
    thanx 4 sharing!!


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