Sunday, 13 March 2011

and then there's the question of . . .

. . . what to do once you're there, especially if you've forgotten your book. 
This snapshot obviously dates from the time when deckchairs were strictly one per family (and I hate to say this, but yes there was a time when we had one deckchair, just like that, very good for trapping fingers).


  1. I think she is trying to recover her composure after being ejected from a particularly truculent and misbehaving folding deckchair. The book, of course, has been blown across the dunes.

    Nice photo, thanks.

    :-) Regards, Brett

  2. So there was a restriction on the number of deckchairs one could bring to the beach? And it was up to the family to decide who sat in it? I am totally confused!

  3. Thanks Brett :) .

    Steven, I think the 'restriction' on us having only one of those deckchairs was a financial one at the time (ie it was all we could afford and was more used for sunny days in the garden than the beach). But it struck me that there must have been at least 2 people on this holiday and only 1 deckchair visible.
    You could always hire deckchairs at the beach and those old fashioned ones would have certainly been cumbersome to lug around. So there weren't any official limitations (as far as I know).


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