Friday, 25 March 2011

Don't do it !

Written on the reverse, "Les" and then "Reading   150m".  I have no idea of the significance of the 150m, unless it is something to do with his location along the river path (I think it is the river and not the canal).  Date, 1930s.
He looks about to get into the water, maybe something to do with his fishing.

Despite having spent a few years in Reading (back in the '80s), I have no idea where, in relation to the town centre, this stretch of the river is.  The bridges make me think that it is somewhere near the train station but it has probably been redeveloped many times since this photo.


  1. Les doesn't look like he's dressed to go in the water. I have an acquaintance from Reading and though I have never walked the town I have ridden through it plenty of times on the train. I'm always struck by the amount of reddish brick that make up the buildings there. Is it really Red-ing?

  2. He's going into the water all dressed up? Maybe he lost something.


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