Thursday, 17 March 2011

sweet . . .

this little recipe booklet dates from the 1950s and features recipes for old-fashioned puddings all using tins of Nestle condensed milk.  You can have cornflour pie, bread and butter pudding (I've made this many times but not with condensed milk), apple batter, magic eve's pudding, apricot rice meringue, milk puddings, lemon meringue pudding, creamy semolina or queen of puddings.
(it doesn't mention calories anywhere).


  1. Apricot rice meringue just might be good...creamy semolina too.

  2. British folk like their puddings! Our neighbor is friends of a member of Parliament, who was a transportation head during Thatcher's days. He was over visiting one time and they served him pudding for dessert. The dignified Sir Stanley's response was, "Oh, boy! Pud!"


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