Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Union Chapel, Manchester 1909

A quick google reveals that Union Chapel still exists, though it doesn't look like this any more.

Posted in Wolverhampton in August 1909, Miss A Gobourn is Ada, who would have been aged 20 at the time.  She went on to marry a William Rowley in 1915.  Marion's identity does for now remain a mystery, she's not a sibling as far as I can tell, so obviously a friend who gave Ada the nickname 'Go'.
As the card is mailed from Wolverhampton to another address in Wolverhampton, I wonder if postcards of Manchester were for sale all over the country or whether Marion had visited Manchester.


  1. So why doesn't the chapel look like the chapel of old? Did it have anything to do with the war? Or did Manchester United fans knock it down after a tough loss to Leeds?
    I like the stamp on the angle with a nice circular cancellation.

  2. The chapel has a totally different look, including no spire, but despite googling and finding the website for the current Union Chapel (which does have a scan of this postcard)there was a distinct lack of information on the history (or at least I didn't find it).


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