Monday, 4 April 2011

the aunts again . . .

this time in portrait rather than landscape format.  It must have been a different day as the auntie on the left (Auntie Maisy according to the back of the photo) is wearing a different dress and has abandoned her beret for a hat with a brim.  One of my mom's aunties used to wear a beret, I like seeing berets in old photos but personally I have never been able to wear one, not even when I was a Brownie guide and it was part of the uniform, I could never get it to sit right, maybe it's a generational thing. 
Back to the photo, it looks cooler than the first time we saw the aunts as both are wearing coats.  We still don't know where they are, but wherever it is, their hired deckchairs are very close to the prom (and not far from the public conveniences according to the signpost just visible in the background).  The other lady is 'Antie Hilda' (who wasn't in yesterday's photo).


  1. It is always special to see certain moments in peoples life. The aunts look comfortable and are enjoying their day out.

  2. These aunties seem warm, friendly, and fun-spirited.

  3. They do look to be with good demeanor. Just enjoying the sights and, sun?

    My Lisa wears a beret quite often. Feel free to call her an old lady when you see her, as that would be hilarious!


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