Saturday, 2 April 2011

Could it be . . . ?

This 1960s 'found' snapshot looks like the changing of the guard (or similar parade), probably at Windsor Castle (I still haven't managed to get round all these castles ;)).  But look to the left of the image, the lady with the handbag, who appears to have just alighted from that rather smart car, and who has obviously caught the eye of the policeman, could that be HM the Queen or the Queen Mother? 
Here we are undecided . . . I think it might be as this is just the kind of snapshot a visitor would be likely to take, with the car, the attention of the policeman all adding weight to that conclusion.  However another opinion says the Queen doesn't wear such flat shoes.  So then we arrived at the question, are those the Queen's legs?


  1. Hmm, good eye and analysis. I would think that if it any of the two it would be The Queen Mother. I assume at the time this photo was taken HM was a bit taller than today, being that the aging process shows no favoritism. But then again I am no royalist or expert, just a Yank trying to figure out a puzzle! A good crowd assembled, so I think something is happening.

  2. Well my theory is that in the 1960s they were more casual about crowds and that a group of onlookers had moved forward and were about to be sent back by the policeman. You wouldn't have a policeman, an ordinary bobby at that, greeting the Queen, I don't think. It would be more likely to be an officer of the guard. It still doesn't explain the posh car.


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