Thursday, 14 April 2011

a few words . . .

 from the pier at Blackpool in 1930.  Well actually I am not too sure of the exact photo date, it was sent in August of 1930 from Stoke on Trent, but the photo itself looks earlier in the year (or even the year before) as a number of the ladies have animals draped around their necks and heavier coats, and the umbrella suggests the man in the centre may have been expecting a shower.

"Dear B & D
Pleased to receive your P.C. & to hear that you arrived safe.  Hope you are having a good time & nice weather, with love, Ma & Dad."

Sent to: Mr & Mrs C Nicklin, c/o Ingle Nook, York Road, Colwyn Bay. N W (North Wales).

Without knowing Ma & Dad's real names, the reasearch didn't get anywhere on this one.  

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  1. What a crowd! And all dressed to the nines, too! This has got to be my favorite pier, the North. I recognize those turret type things in the center. To me it seems like the North Pier, being more sedate and less flashy, carries the "charm" of the city, if you could call it charm. Very nice card.


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