Monday, 11 April 2011

seeing double . . .

Twins in (almost) matching sailor suits with twin teddy bears sitting on the grass in the back garden.  I'm not sure if technically this shot counts as a double exposure or it's just how the film was developed, but the washing lines, chimneys and rooftops at the bottom is great.  It doesn't quite seem to match the laundry hanging at the top of this image, so it must be the start of the next image (rather than there being 2 shots of the boys in the garden).  This photo came in a bag of old photos and I've been through the lot several times hoping to find the rest of the image with the washing, but it appears not to have been printed or at least not kept.  Maybe it was just the end of the film. . .
Presumed 1930s (maybe '40s).


  1. The one on the right is wearing glasses, and it looks like the one on the left should be wearing some. Interesting that the photo is chopped; I take it printing of film was automated when this was taken?

  2. I'm not 100% sure with these two boys actually, if they are not twins (and there are twins in the family from the other photos I have) then they must be cousins as they look so close in age, maybe they were both visiting grandparents when the shot was taken. I see what you mean about the film processing, that would make sense, maybe they got a whole film back that was slightly out.


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