Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Another mystery . . .

This real photo postcard is another in the many mysteries of abandoned photos.  The mother and daughter are unknown (to me) and I find the studio backdrop with the tents another mystery.  Any ideas?


  1. My only thought regarding the backdrop is that it could be from a summer religious retreat/camp.

  2. The bell tents depicted on the painted backdrop - because that's what it looks like to me - are typical of those used by the military, especially in the Boer War and Great War eras. If I were a betting man I would place money on this portrait having been taken in a studio close to a military camp. Although I'm no expert, the clothing suggests to me a date of slightly before the Great War. If that's correct, then perhaps it was taken somewhere near a place like Aldershot.

  3. Christine and Brett, thank you both very much.

    Brett I think that this postcard version of the photo might be a reprint of an earlier photo, in which case the time of the Boer War would be fitting.

  4. No guesses from me, but it's a neat photo.


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