Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Back in the day . . .

Presumed 1930s, I think they are at Blackpool, possibly off season.  They always look a little uncomfortable to me, maybe the photographer just asked the man to put out his cigarette.


  1. Absolutely wonderful photo. Definitely off-season! The boys seem genuinely fascinated by it all, perhaps it was them who persuaded their reluctant parents to have their picture taken. I'm surprised the man is smoking, it indicates to me that it was a very rushed affair, as does the fact they haven't bothered to take their coats off in the presumably warm photographer's studio. The mother's expression says to me 'oh dear, how are we going to afford this on top of all the other bills we've got on this holiday'?

  2. I recognize that man! And it checked out when I went elsewhere! He has quite the bewildered look to me, like he didn't really know what he was doing. The family looks bundled up except for the short pants on the kids, so you have to wonder where and when.


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