Friday, 20 May 2011

'Best Wishes'

A family scene, including the dog.  Once again, no clues as to who they are or where they are.  It might be a farm house or (large) cottage in Herefordshire (if it belongs with some of the photos I bought at the same time), certainly a rural area.  The wooden box of plants on the window ledge once contained Bovril.  The door archway to the left of the girl may be a door to a coal cellar.  I would think c1910 or a little later (but probably pre-WW1).  Maybe they had this photo postcard printed intending to send it as a Christmas or New Year card and this one didn't get sent. 


  1. You don't often (or at least I don't often) see a woman of this time period with their hair down. Was this a statement of fashion or practicality?

  2. The girl with the long hair is presumably the daughter and perhaps aged 12 or so, so I think it is usual to see 'girls' with their hair not tied up.


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