Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dear Mabel, . . .

This is one of the postcards that was added to my collection at the weekend :).  Both characters are males, maybe it would not have been 'proper' to ask a real young lady to pose for the card, or maybe it's an on-going joke and there's a series with these two chaps, I don't know.

But it was the message that really appealed to me,

"Dear Mabel,
Just tell Fluff
 I am bringing him
 a change of diet
 for next week a dead
fish from the tower
of Blackpool."

Unfortunately the writer did not sign the card, and there are lots of girls called Mabel Jones in 1911, so I cannot (at this time) add any more to the story.  
Steven, does 'your' Mabel (of the postcards) by any chance have a cat called Fluff? ;)

Edit:  the cancellation is St. Anne's on the Sea  Lancs - it's south of Blackpool, between Blackpool South Shore and Lytham St Anne's.


  1. That is too funny...and what is that background? It looks as if they're in a cave or something. Who thinks up these things?

  2. Yikes! Two guys? I wonder if they are a vaudeville duo and were recognizable to any particular circuit? I'm trying to make out the cancelation but all I can be sure of is On the Sea.

    No, I don't think my Mabel had a cat named Fluff. Your Mabel should get together with the family with the dog named Ruff!


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