Friday, 27 May 2011


An Edwardian doorstep with mother and children.  Again the postcard itself offers no clues as to the location, but with such a striking door surround with a bricked up window above, it surely can't be too difficult to find, can it? ;)


  1. No, it couldn't be that hard to find. So where is it? :-) Could you please explain to me (here or elsewhere) what defines an Edwardian doorstep? Is it a stage past Victorian, and if so what are the clues?

  2. Sorry for my poor explanantion, it is an Edwardian postcard (I think), the doorstep is most likely Victorian in date. Edwardian refers to the reign of Edward VII 1901-1910, Victorian 1837-1901. So I'm trying to date the postcard/photo and end up mixing it up. It's hard to be exact unless these photo postcards are dated or have been through the mail. I should have said 'an Edwardian scene of mother and children on the doorstep'. :)

  3. Poor Edwardian era of only 9 years! Pretty hard to pinpoint that down without definite clues. What came after that? Do you ever think you will have a Charleston era? ;-)


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