Saturday, 28 May 2011

my rabbit

a snapshot from about 1979.  I liked this one as it looks like he can do maths.  He probably could actually as he was a very clever rabbit.  His name was Big Ears, not that original I know, but when he was small, his ears really were so much bigger than he was.  In fact he looked more like a hare than a rabbit.  I think he was about 10 years old when he died.  He used to eat anything we did, in addition to his healthy diet of fresh dandelions and other greens, and always had toast for breakfast.  He lived in a sort of shed with windows, had loads of space and light, as well as things to do.  He used to be let out in the garden a lot, he had a very active and involved life and was very sociable.
(The blackboard in the background shows my darts score, I've never been any good at darts, the rabbit was much better  - haha - only joking ;)).


  1. What a cool snap! Big Ears would have fit right in with Ruff and Fluff for appropriate names. Did you have cats at this time, too? Having the blackboard with dart scores in the background is such a plus. It most likely frames the time period better.

  2. Cute! Normally rabbits are good in multiplying...

    1. He lived alone :).
      I had forgotten all about this picture :)


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