Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Ovaltineys (2)

Now you can see why I am reluctant to reveal too much about the contents of the Ovaltiney rule book.  Suffice it so say, it contains 7 Golden Rules which my mom signed 'to keep to the best of her ability', this did not include any kind of activity against other beverages, but there was a commitment to drinking Ovaltine regularly.  The secret code and password, I shall be keeping to myself - HA!

And Monday's 'In Blackpool' photo is part of a lot which I got a few months ago, and some of them I have posted already.  I shall endeavour to find another photo of the 'Lady on the Left'.


  1. I love Ovaltine, but I was never given the opportunity to become and Ovaltiney.

  2. I will not ask for the secret code. I will not ask for the password. But can you reveal some of the contained rules and secrets of The League of Ovaltineys? I will take an oath and become an honorary member in absentia if need be. I'll even learn the song!


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