Thursday, 26 May 2011

" . . . the sooner I see the last of it . . ."

Sent to a Miss Crennell, in November 1903, the message reads:
"Miss Crennell,
Many a time I have walked past this building but the sooner I see the last of it the more I shall like it.  Hope you are well. J Sardon (?)"

Miss Crennell lived in Liverpool, England and the sender was on board the Ship Achnashie at Martinez, Cal.  The postcard back is undivided, hence the message on the front, and the image stands slightly in relief.  The cancellation on the address side is Martinez, CAL, on the front NEW YORK NY FOR. B'CH. (Foreign Branch).

The building the sender has clearly seen enough of is The Mission Dolores.  I can only think that he was looking forward to either setting sail or getting back home.


  1. Everyday speech was more poetic in the yesteryear, wasn't it? Nowadays the same sentiment might be written, "Sure am getting sick of looking at this."

  2. How funny. I have also walked past the Mission Dolores many times, but now it's surrounded by other buildings. I love all of those old California missions.


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