Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday Stamps

This week's theme is people honoured on stamps.  I've chosen two world famous women.  Firstly Marlene Dietrich (1901 - 1992), singer and actress  (extensive bio on wiki here).  I really like Marlene Dietrich's music.  The stamp was issued in Germany in 1997 as part of the Famous Women series.
 Also Eva Peron . . .

Eva Peron passed away in 1952 at the young age of 33.  The stamps were issued by Argentina in 1952 and used well into the 1950s.  Although I am not a fan of musicals nor a theatre-goer, I love the movie Evita.  I was probably first aware of Eva Peron when Julie Covington's version of 'Don't Cry for me Argentina' was in the charts in 1976/7, a song that always sends a chill down my spine.  You can watch the video of that version here.

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  1. Im not fond of musicals either, but I do like learning about them...and honestly, though I know Marlene Dietrich, I always relate her to movies and not music...hence why I probably havent heard her work...though it is never too late to give it a try :)

    Happy Sunday!

  2. I remember hearing a song from Evita, but I think it was a different version. I hadn't heard of Julie Covington before.

  3. I wonder what Marlene Dietrich would have thought about her face being on a stamp? Wasn't she the person who in real life also wanted to be left alone?

  4. I love your choices for today. Like you, I find "Don't cry for me" very moving.

  5. Love your featured women this week! I've seen tidbits of Marlene Dietrich's movies in black and white while the only Eva Peron movie I saw back in the 90s was with Madonna (as Eva Peron) in it.

  6. I love that song too---very interesting stamps indeed.

  7. I've only heard her name when I watched the movie Evita but I do love the song, "Don't cry for me...."

    Here is my Sunday Stamp

  8. I must be getting old, I had neard of Eva Peron before musicals were invented!
    Steven - I think it was Garbo who wanted to be left alone.

  9. Both ladies led very interesting lives!
    "well-behaved women rarely make history."
    Thanks for participating!


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