Wednesday, 15 June 2011

another day out . . .

at Trentham Gardens, maybe slightly off season, or maybe they just (and correctly so) anticipated rain.  Smiles all round and possibly more than might be expected in that weather.  Both photos are from the same orphaned 'lot', so in theory the same person or persons should appear in both.    I think the 3 children at the front are in both groups, possibly others too.


  1. Do you see that some of the men have their heads turned sideways, as if to see if someone else finds something amusing? Do you have friends that always have to look at you to see if you think something is funny or not? Like they can't make up their own mind whether or not to laugh, and need permission?

  2. So they do, maybe they just like to share the laugh, or is there another in-joke going on.


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