Tuesday, 14 June 2011

a day out . . .

to Trentham Gardens in the 1950s.  Now despite this being an orphaned photo where all the faces are unknown to me, it is one location I recognise.  I haven't been there, but my mom used to go on trips to Trentham Gardens in the 1950s and we have a few photos from that time (though we don't have a group photo) and I have a guide book. 


  1. I think the photographer said something funny. The expressions are more than a "Say Cheese!"

  2. hi : what a beautiful photo . In the 50's , my Mum lived with her parents & sister , in the Gardeners Cottage looking over the outdoor swimming pool , in Trentham Gardens . Grandad , was a gardener in Trentham Gardens. Mum left the day she got married in 1958 , she tells me it was a grand affair with the wedding cars driving in Trentham Gardens. Mum married in the church next door , reception at the Ball Room. My Grandparents moved away shortly after the wedding.

    1. thanks for your comment, sounds like a happy time at Trentham, the wedding does sound very grand :)


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