Friday, 10 June 2011

faraway in time and thought . . .

this young lady has a faraway look in her eye, I think she is in mourning, her dress looks black and her necklace looks like it may be jet.  Below her left wrist she has a cross on a rosary, and I think she may be holding flowers.  Presumed mid-1870s, this cdv is one of a 'bundle' I have, I don't know if all of them 'belong' together (ie if they all originate from one album or family) but some of them certainly do, as faces look not dissimiliar and there is a continuity in location and photographers visited.  The photographer in this instance was J Greer of 48, Church Street, Pendleton, Manchester.


  1. She does appear to be lost somewhat. But her look is genuine, and not posed.

  2. I'm no expert, but everything about this picture suggests mourning to me.


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