Friday, 24 June 2011

"I'll bring me aspidistra round to yours later, Delilah . . ."

"It's not unusual to find the leaves like that,
It's not unusual to see them look so pale,
But when I find them hanging all dry and lifeless there,
It's not unusual to see me cry . . .
I'm afraid the aspidistra will die . . ."

"But it happens all the time"

It was only when I was scanning these postcards that I thought these two ladies looked rather similar to the gossiping ones yesterday.    A quick change of skirt, shawl and pinny (apron), and gardening advice was on offer, whilst in the background the distant and somewhat futuristic (they are after all still in 1907) melody of 'the green green grass of home' could be heard.


  1. But it happens everyday
    No matter what you say
    You'll find it happens all the time.

    It's not unusual for the aspidistra to die. ;-)

  2. I like this 'sing-a-long-blogging' (with alternative lyrics), thanks for starting it :) :)


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