Saturday, 4 June 2011

outside No. 42.

which looks to be a very nice semi-detached house, with an elderly husband and wife standing on the doorstep, there appear to be some kind of decoration - possibly floral tributes - at the edge of the grass.  The one on the left looks to have the letters E V, and so I wondered if the other decorations might contain I I and so could they be some kind of decoration for either the coronation (August 1902) or the death of Edward VII (6 May 1910).  This is pure speculation and maybe if it were the coronation, there would be more festive decorations, so maybe it was 1910.  I don't know, but I was curious about the EV.


  1. That is a fine home. It almost looks like there is something standing in the window above the couple.

  2. An unsolveable mystery, I suppose, but it's a lovely house.


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