Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday Stamps

For today's free choice theme, I chose this FDC from the British Anniversaries set (issued 29 May 1968)  which depicts the statue of Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst and commemorates Votes for Women 1918 - 1968. 
The slogan chosen for the cover (which isn't the official PO cover) isn't 100% accurate though as the women's suffrage movement (in various forms) was active from the mid/late 1800s, 1918 is (as the stamp implies) the date the vote was granted - it was granted to women over 30 (with conditions attached - the woman had to be a householder or married to a householder or have a degree; it was 1928 before all adults over 21 had the right to vote). 
The stamp is one of a set of 4, the other values are 4d Trades Union Congress; 1s RAF; 1/9 Captain James Cook. 

PS.  As I was wondering what to do for this week's theme and looking through some 'stuff', I came across another Mother's Day stamp from Egypt (included here as I will have forgotten about it probably by that time next year).  
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  1. When you consider the efforts women made to get the vote, it's a terrible thing that people don't actually exercise the right so painfully gained.

  2. Those set of conditions for women to vote prior to 1928 are somewhat akin to what some states here are doing now to restrict access to the voting booth. It's a real shame.

  3. I like the Egyptian Mother's Day stamp. It's a good thing they put "Mother's Day" in English or we probably wouldn't know that is what it is commemorating.

  4. Womens lets not take for granted what the suffrogates did for us. Love the stamps.

  5. women over 30 only, or with other conditions? good grief. Hurrah for the suffragettes.

  6. I love the FDC - go, woman power! Very thankful and appreciative of her advocacy. Two thumbs up for honouring her on stamps and FDCs.

  7. Those early suffragettes were determined women, a long struggle and worth a stamp. Love the Egypt stamp, wonder what the hieroglyphics say.


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