Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday Stamps

My choice for this week's theme may be stretching it a little, so whilst these stamps may not look se-tenant in terms of the image/design, they were issued together on the same sheet . . .

 Issued by Egypt on 9 January 1960 to commemorate the laying of the foundation stone of the Aswan High Dam.  (wiki link here).

The vintage postcard I have of the dam is undated, it depicts the earlier dam, the Aswan low dam.

This post is part of Viridian's Sunday stamps, you can check out this week's here or by clicking the icon below.


  1. The top one doesn't look like a stamp, but it must be one since it has a value.

  2. The postcard is really cool. That water on the spill side is really churning.

  3. Beautiful vintage postcard and stamps! I wonder if the dam is still operational up to these days.

  4. I didn't realise there was a low dam earlier. The top stamp reads like a justification, a little propaganda.

  5. Unusual combination of stamps, I have only seen text only on very old stamps. Like Sheila I didn't know there was an earlier dam.


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