Thursday, 14 July 2011

177½ Broad Street, . . .

. . . Birmingham, is the business address of the photographer of yesterday's photo.  He was William Bonehill (c1836-1906).  His daughter, Ann, was also a photographer (according to the census).  It may well be that they worked together, if she was ever named on the backmark, I don't know, yesterday's photograph possibly dates from the 1890s and so that may be before a time when she would be named in the business.  William Bonehill's career as a photographer appears to cover 30 years or so, but it was not without difficulties;

edit, the text referring to William Bonehill won't display correctly, so I've removed it.


  1. It must have been a tough profession for Mr. Bonehill to cut his teeth on in the late 1860's. Hopefully he got his financial affairs in order. I like the Miniature Painter logo; does this mean he painted miniatures or he was a small man painting? ;-)

  2. Hi Am really happy to have found this site - W Bonehill was married to my g g grandmother's sister . . . . Love his studio address!

    1. thanks for leaving a comment, do you have family photos taken by William?


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