Friday, 29 July 2011

. . . before we leave . . .

a final look at Port Said,  and a wave goodbye to Ferdinand de Lesseps.

This postcard was posted on board ship, it has a paquebot cancellation, an Edward VII stamp, but I can't see the date.  It was written in Esperanto and sent to Fraulino Doroteo Moore, who lived in Westbourne Gardens, Bayswater, Londono, Anglolando.   Apart from the obvious questions of who would write in Esperanto and why, it's another of those cards where the identity of the sender remains a mystery.


  1. A very definitive port based on the architecture and statuary. I'm sure a well traveled sailor of the day could identify the city by the skyline.

  2. A fascinating piece of history here. I'm in Copenhagem, surrounded by Esperanto sperakers from all over the world. Next year sees the 125th anniversary of Esperanto and we'll here a lot more of this planned language which has a steady speaker population. The script looks British to me. The sender uses an Esperanto simplified version of his name which could be George or Gerald. Incidentally the author refers favourably to the meriits of (Louis de = Beaufront, the French pioneer who preferred to be a large fish in a smasll pool br abandoniong Esperanto for a revised version called Ido.

  3. Thank you very much for this information Bill. Thank you for translating the name, Dorothy Moore had a brother named Gerald (profession: journalist)so he is most likely the sender. The date the postcard was sent is between 1901 and 1910 (Edward VII stamp), the family live at that address in 1901 (but not in 1911), the postcard is the early type with undivided back. Gerald was aged 24 in 1911. Even so it is impossible to date the postcard precisely and I can't see the date on the cancellation.


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