Monday, 25 July 2011

Cairo Station back in the day . . .

I thought I'd continue with some more vintage postcards from Egypt.  These two views are of the main railway station in central Cairo, neither card has been postally used so dating them is an estimation.  I think the first one is probably about 1915 and the second one maybe a decade later or even into the 1930s.  I don't know the date for the addition of the pond and garden in the centre of the square.  Needless to say today's view is very different, for one thing the 6 October flyover going from the bridge over the Nile then over the Ramesis area (of the station) towards Heliopolis, makes such a clear view impossible.

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  1. Not knowing anything about Egyptian railroads I have to ask if the railroad stayed in Egypt or did it serve other African countries?

    Lisa's grandfather was an engineer (not train, but design!) for the Brit's who helped to build railroads in eastern Africa, but this was in the 40's-50's.


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