Saturday, 2 July 2011

chill . . .

"Palm Beach is never in it at Lochranga
is the message on the reverse, hasn't been sent through the mail, so no clues there.

I imagined this photo postcard to be from colonial times, somewhere in Africa, but it seems there is a Lochranga in Scotland, so what do I know?  I have no idea.
Hope you are having a chilled weekend with not too much sepia.


  1. So she's not in Florida? She does look chilled. Too bad she didn't post this so you knew where it was from, though I suppose there is that fun component in guessing.

  2. Do you think it looks like Florida?
    It's a photo I picked out of a suitcase of orphaned photos, so I have no others that I know are connected to it and I never quite understood the msg.


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