Friday, 1 July 2011

girls in berets . . .

Steven, if the girls are wearing berets, can we expect to see you in a cloth cap? ;)

I don't know who or where they are, or when.  I noticed the striped knitted/crocheted hand bag (where you had the two rings for the handle) and wondered if I might find (ie already have) one of those or even make one (probably have a pattern somewhere, if I still have the booklet of crochet patterns).


  1. No hat for me, but I never go anywhere without a jacket and tie. Perhaps I will have found a fez by then, and since they don't pack well (i.e. roll up) I will be forced to wear it the entirety of the trip.

    This is a neat photo. I like what appears to be a couple and their child, but who is "the other woman?"

  2. I hope you find a fez as I'm sure it would be a most suitable attire.
    I have a fez, but seldom wear it, but I know it had to be packed very carefully to travel. I shall hunt out the photo I have of the fez makers.

    As for the photo, I think the girls are friends who are in theory out with one of their younger brothers but they just so happened to meet up with one of the girl's young man . . .


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