Sunday, 31 July 2011

here we are again . . .

The year is 1911 and we're still travelling down the Canal.  The postcard depicts a mosque in Port Said, but our sender Hugh was kind enough to stick the stamps on the front of the postcard and the cancellation is Port Taufiq, so although he (probably) bought the postcard in Port Said, he didn't mail it until the ship reached Suez.   The recipient was a Miss Marjorie Sanders whose family ran a boarding house on Victoria Parade, in Torquay, Devon.  The message reads:
"We are going through the Canal. get to Suez tonight.  How's Torquay looking up."


  1. I love stamps on the front - and this is a beautiful card in any case.

  2. What was Hugh doing putting stamps on the front? Do you think he and Marjorie were an item?

    For some reason my netbook and Blogger would not let me comment yesterday. The good old Mac says all is well.

  3. Steven, I don't know why Hugh put the stamps on the front, but I always like finding vintage postcards like that, even more so if the stamps have a design to match the postcard. At the time he wrote this, the stamps all had the Pyramids and Sphinx on them, so he would really have done better to buy a postcard of the Sphinx and Pyramids, but maybe he did and sent another postcard to Marjorie.
    As to the involvement of Hugh and Marjorie, I found the Sanders family who lived at that address in that year, and they run a boarding/guest house. I think Marjorie is their daughter who appears as 'Margaret Blanche' in records, she is aged 31 at that time and single. I did look to see if she married or if there was a marriage between a Margaret (or any other) Sanders and a Hugh ___, but I didn't find one. She had an elder sister, who was also unmarried in 1911, but married in 1913 (not to Hugh). So I don't know if they were involved, maybe he had stayed at the guest house and told her of his plans to travel down the Suez Canal? I do get the feeling that she would have been particularly pleased to receive the postcard, and she obviously kept it.


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