Saturday, 16 July 2011

an outdoor lunch


the girl whose album this was soon tired of names and dates on every page, so I can only offer an approx year.  (She also ran out of photo corners and was a little heavy handed with the glue).  Having said that, I really like these scenes of an outdoor lunch.  Maybe it was late summer/early autumn and with a chill in the air as the mother has quite a heavy coat on.  I like the assortment of chairs, a pouffe, stool and deckchair completing the ensemble of improvised dining chairs.  The chap on the right is wearing what look like checked plus fours with tartan socks.  And although it is a bit difficult to identify all the food, that definitely looks like a bottle of HP sauce in the centre of the table.

and the last photo is Shirley (also seen yesterday).  These photos are all well glued to the same page, but this last one was most likely a different day, when the weather was warmer.

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  1. These are neat photos, with lots to look at. I had to enlarge the first one to see that the chap wasn't blowing his nose but taking a cup to his mouth. And it was my turn to look something up and I discovered what HP sauce was. It's probably A-1 here!


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