Wednesday, 13 July 2011


This cabinet card is one of my finds from this last weekend.  I wonder if the father booked the photographer to visit them at home or was it a passing photographer looking for customers who called at the house and so they all rushed out to the garden with the picnic rug and the dog (and  an extra chair, half of which can be seen).  The two boys (least I think they are boys) look to be sitting on little milking stools.  Nice that the dog made it into the shot, although he/she does seem to have been looking the other way.
Family unknown, photographer W Bonehill, Birmingham (England).


  1. So does the hat the father is wearing suggest an immigrant of sorts, or is this a common hat for British men during this time period?

  2. Yes, I would think Russian/Eastern European. It's a shame their names aren't on the reverse. It's not a hat typical for British men at that time.


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