Wednesday, 27 July 2011

. . . travelling on . . .

 . . . to Port Said in 1908 (the date when this postcard was sent).

The sender didn't leave a message.  As he used the whole of the reverse for the address, I am tempted to think that he was more used to the earlier postcards with undivided backs where any words of greeting had to be written on the face of the postcard.  But he didn't have any words to send.  So Mrs Leeming must have known who would be sending her a postcard from Port Said.  I am assuming the sender to be male, as a traveller to or via Port Said in 1908 is likely someone travelling on the Suez Canal.   The Mrs Leeming who lived  at 425 Grafton Street, Liverpool was Helen, aged 25 in 1908, and with a daughter Lily, who would've been 7.  As Liverpool is a port, perhaps her husband was a sailor.  I think her husband was Charles Harold Leeming, but whether he was the sender of the postcard will have to remain a mystery.  There's just something about the handwriting that makes me think it might be someone else . . .


  1. Port Said looks so mysterious and exotic on this card. Good to know about Mrs. Leeming too.

  2. I wonder who Lily was? Born in 1901 she undoubtably saw a lot of change in life, assuming she lived a normal span.


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