Monday, 18 July 2011


Ok, so I'm not very good at keeping these photos from the orphaned family albums in chronological order.  This photo is dated 1935 (and on the same page as the first photo of Shirley) and the caption is 'Self (Sutton - Dublin)'.   The number plate clearly seen is Z-4496 with the Z indicating that it's a Dublin county registration (some time between March 1927 - Sept 1938).  I'm not sure of the make of car (yet again), but will add it if I find out.

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  1. Now, she's driving, right? ;-) That is one fine car and I wonder if any part of it still survives. Interesting how the side mirror is up high on the door. I'm not sure if I have noticed that before on old cars. I think our mail carriers have high mirrors, but I'm not positive.


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