Thursday, 18 August 2011

en route . . .

. . . to Verona, 1912.  Our intrepid travellers are on the train, travelling second class in a 'fumatori' compartment.  They appear to be drinking (no sign of smoking) and I'm thinking the chap in the foreground may be fiddling with a camera (hard to see).  I don't know their itinery so I have no idea if they saw Venice before or after Verona.  Never mind, tomorrow we shall see Verona through their lens.
(As an aside I used to love travelling on trains where the carriages had those separate compartments).


  1. Something about trains and drinking. I had someone offer me Schnapps in the middle of the day on a German train. I accepted, of course. Didn't want to be rude.

  2. That's how I like to travel on trains, drinking and playing with a camera! Funny how things don't change much. ;-)

    I usually get a Strongbow can of cider (or two) off the food cart when I'm train traveling in the UK. I think it stimulates the economy.


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