Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday stamps

 For this week's free theme, I've chosen a couple of covers.  The covers are both from Egypt (pre-1952) with definitives from the reign of King Farouk. The first one is registered mail and has two values from the set issued from 1937 - 1944, the picture being the investiture of the young King Farouk.
The second cover is from 1951 and has 3 values from the definitives which were first issued in 1944.  What I like about this cover is that it has a cancellation for Cook's Post Office in Cairo.  This would have been mailed from Thomas Cook's Tourist Agency in Cairo, which was next to Shepheard's Hotel, both of which were destroyed in 1952.  The cancellation in Arabic on the far left is a censorship cancellation, although it doesn't look like this envelope had been opened by the censors.

This post is part of Viridian's Sunday Stamps, you can find this week's entries here or by clicking on the icon below.


  1. I'm sure I remember these stamps from my father's collection. I had no idea Cooks ran a post office.

  2. I am reading a memoir by an Egyptian woman Leila Ahmed now that if very good:
    A Border Passage--from Cairo to America--a Woman's Journey

  3. Thanks for sharing, I find the cancellations interesting.

  4. I remember Farouk and these stamps as well. I have the 10 piastre stamp on the bottom envelope. I wonder what happened to all the others I'm sure I had as well. It's a long time since I've seen a registered envelope crossed in blue.

  5. Who would have thought to save such ephemera? But I am glad they did. thanks for participating.


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