Monday, 5 September 2011

Paris . . . peut-être . . .

Monsieur et Madame Belot
Jeanne et son frère
Found photo, very small snapshot, presumed late 1920s.  The boy is wearing a black armband, suggesting mourning.


  1. The "elders" in this photo are surely dated by their clothes, but I think a kid of today could get away with wearing the style the boy is wearing. There seems to be more of an acceptance of individuality at his age. It isn't fair!

  2. Those ladies' outfits are so lovely. I don't suppose you were able to make out the sign on the window behind them?

  3. I think the last line may be 'de bon cafe', 'cafe' is the clearest of the words, and even that is not 100% sure. :)
    The street reminded me of Paris or somewhere in northern France, plus they are carrying umbrellas which makes you think of a more northern location.


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