Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Stamps - Africa

For this week's theme of Africa, I was a bit spoilt for choice . . . here's what I chose . . .

This cover sent from Egypt to East Germany in 1964 has 7 stamps from the series depicting the flags of the 13 Arab countries - 2nd Arab League Heads of State, issued Sept 1964  . . .

 a few more from that series, (and still not the complete set)
 including another 1964 cover with the Libyan flag (from that series) . . .
 then I 'discovered' another Mother's Day stamp from Egypt  (I didn't see this one when I was looking before) . . .

 and finally an Egyptian postcard sent in 1905 from South Africa to Chicago with an Edward VII Cape of Good Hope stamp.

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  1. The UAR flag stamps are very interesting but I suspect that the Edward VII Cape of Good Hope stamp is the best of the lot. I suspect it is quite valuable too. Don't lose that card.

  2. What a wonderful collection. I have to say I’m rather taken by the one with the pyramids, but the Mother’s Day stamp is rather appealing too.

  3. You do have a great selection there. I love those flags. Best of all though is the old postcard from Egypt.

  4. I like your philatelic items! Vexillology galore - flags.

  5. My favorite is the old postcard and its stamp. I wonder why "Carte Postale" was crossed out.

  6. Great postcard,and great stamps. Edward looks a bit grim.
    Thanks for participating.

  7. I love the flag series, nice to have so many on one envelope, and I suspect addictive to try and get all the set. The Mothers Day stamp is rather cute.
    How great to have both the sender and recipient's address on the postcard.


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