Friday, 14 October 2011

keep on walking . . .

we're still in Blackpool, but we may now be in the 1950s (or even the early 1960s).  How I know we're in Blackpool is that you can see Louis Tussauds (the Blackpool waxworks) in the background.  The chap in the front looks like he may have been working as conductor on the trams given his little shoulder bag, and I like his enamel tea can for breaks.
Here's the wiki link on Louis Tussauds and check out here to see a panorama of the street. (It looks like the panorama is from a couple of years ago as Louis Tussauds has now closed and reopened as Madame Tussauds).
I visited Louis Tussauds on a trip to Blackpool in the 1970s, I don't remember if I bought a guide book, probably not, or if I did it is long since gone, but I do remember it had an over 18 only section, which had lots of biological waxworks with diseased or deformed body parts (which of course I was too young to view).  


  1. I wonder why he was rolling up his sleeve? On our first visit to Blackpool we boarded the tram to see how far north it went. Many miles later we thought we were lost when we were at the end of the line and told to exit. Fear not, for we walked about 50 feet and we were allowed to get back on for the return trip, providing we paid the fare, of course. I like Blackpool memories!

  2. Either his elbow was itching or they were in a hurry to get somewhere and get something settled . . .
    Who knows where you would have ended up had the tram line been without end.

  3. Great picture. I love the van in the background.


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