Wednesday, 12 October 2011

on the road . . .

possibly the end of the camping trip, judging by the body language that is.
Date-wise, I think we're into the 1960s.


  1. And the body language is saying, "Get me home to a hot shower and soft bed?" Funny, those 3/4 length pants are referred to as capris, but in the 60's I remember hearing them referred to as petal pushers. Are they one and the same?

  2. Well I confess to not knowing which came first the capri pants or the pedal pushers, but luckily wiki knows, it seems that pedal pushers are 1950s and capri pants more popular late '50s - 60s.

  3. I guess pedal makes more sense that petal, since they would be better for bike riding than gardening! Just don't wear them with a beret as that would be a style disaster.


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