Monday, 3 October 2011


This is the first postcard in a small album entitled 'POŜTKARTOJ' which I have since found out is Esperanto for postcards.  This particular postcard is Italian.  Most of the postcards in the album have a romantic theme, a few are dated (mainly 1943), a few have a few words (also in Esperanto), but most remain unsigned and if they were sent through the mail, then it was in an envelope.  There are also a few postcards which have been sent through the mail and are not written in Esperanto, so they may or may not be connected.  In any case it is rather like finding oneself in the middle of a love story, albeit 60-70 years ago and one belonging to someone else. 


  1. I'd be happy to translate thos cartds from Esperanto into English if you want. patbillchapman at

    Bill Chapman

  2. Hi Bill, thanks very much for the kind offer, when I get to those postcards, I'll be in touch. Thanks very much. So far I've worked out that 'foresto' means absence, which I must admit was definitely not my first thought for what it might mean.


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