Thursday, 20 October 2011

sisters . . .

This rppc comes from the same 'lot' as yesterday's picture, there are some connections between some of the photos, but I haven't established if they all belong together.  I have been looking to see if these girls appear in any of the other photos, but haven't found them so far.  I think this photo dates from around 1912 or so, maybe a little later on during the war years.   They seem quite smartly dressed and I wonder if they are going to church or visiting, and it could well be about this time of year.   I love their boots, probably not the most comfortable footwear and I imagine they may have been quite loathed at the time, what with the polishing and all those buttons to do up and everyone had the same.  It set me wondering when did people stop wearing them,  they are seen a lot in Edwardian times (that takes us up to 1910) and probably were worn up to and during the first World War.   But I don't really know if we see those boots after WW1. 

1 comment:

  1. What stylish sisters! So those boots button and not lace? They do look time consuming whatever the fastening might be.


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