Saturday, 1 October 2011

still time for a picnic . . .

I must admit that I thought by October, it would be a little out of season to post a picnic image, but that is so not the case . . . this 'heatwave' is probably not going to last much longer though.  Today's snap is probably 1940s and I haven't had chance to try and work out the car model (I still need some practice on identifying vintage cars).


  1. No, it really isn't unlikely this year, is it? As for the car, no doubt someone will be able t identify it but it won't be me. :)

  2. I would love to have a poster that shows the various popular car models through the years. I have looked unsuccessfully for something like this. I would also like one that shows the change in fashions over the years. Both would be very helpful for identifying the age of old photos. What would be even handier is if someone came up with a guidebook specifically for this purpose. It could include everything from streetlights, architecture, fashion, cars, photo backdrops, popular themes, and whatever else would help a person identify the year a photo was taken.

  3. Thanks Sheila and Christine,
    Christine in addition to your list, I would like a version of google earth which time travels to enable identification of individual streets, doors, iron railing and possibly even net curtains ;)


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