Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday Stamps - Europe (2)

For this week's Europe theme, I've chosen the DDR (East Germany) and Berlin - East and West . . .
This first postcard dates from 1966 (I think 90%+ of postcards from the DDR were in black and white) and is from Schwarzburg in the 'Thüringer Wald'  (forest) and the stamp (below) commemorates 20 years of the SED (Socialist Unity Party).

The next postcard is from Lubmin (wiki link) a coastal resort which seems to have become home to the DDR's largest nuclear power plant.  As this postcard dates from 1968, then it's from the days before the nuclear plant existed.  It's a place you may have visited to convalesce.

The stamps are 10 pfennig showing Walter Ulbricht, who was head of the DDR at that time, and the Moritzburg Castle, near Dresden.

Moving on 20 years, I visited Berlin, West and East, in the mid 1980s.  This is a postcard I sent from East Berlin, which seems to have got a bit torn en route.  I remember watching a changing of the guard with rather a lot of goose-stepping outside this building on Unter den Linden, the building is/was the 'Memorial for the victims of fascism and militarism'.

 and the stamps . . .

This last postcard was one I sent from West Berlin, which you can see travelled much more safely . . .

I can only think I had taken stamps with me (from West Germany) as otherwise I would have had a stamp for Berlin post and the one I used is just a regular Deutsche Bundespost stamp.
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  1. It must be fairly unusual to have visited East Berlin during the 80s. You have a great selection of cards and stamps.

  2. being DDR, i consider those rather valuable, since they come from an issuing entity non-existent anymore. Great choice!

  3. A nice trip through time, from black and white to colour. I wonder if the nuclear power plant outfall warmed the water.

  4. I remember the Western German stamps and also the green one from DDR!

  5. The stamp commemorating the SED is very striking. Of the postcards, I especially like the 16 color views of Berlin.

  6. I have about 12 DDR stamps including two with Walter Ulbricht but none that you have shown. My daughter spent a year at Freiburg University and was in Berlin on the first anniverary of the wall coming down, As a result I have more from West Germany and the reunited Germany. I'll even own up to over 30 stamps from the Deutsches Reich.

  7. Nice images from the DDR era...:)

  8. I remember the castle stamps from that era, from West Germany.
    Thank you for participating in Sunday stamps. 14 entries this week!
    I am now finally getting around to commenting - I was away at a professional conference and did not have access to internet.


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