Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday Stamps

For today's theme of Australia and New Zealand, I have 2 covers . . .

Firstly this one posted in Sydney in 1932 with a George V penny stamp and slogan postmark.

I  thought the 'POSTED IN PILLAR BOX' cancellation interesting, I'm not sure why that would have been noteworthy, maybe at the time most letters were posted at a Post Office, and they wanted to promote pillar boxes, but I really don't know the reason.  A bit of googling and it seems there was a series of these Pillarbox slogans, some of which are listed in this thread.

Then on to the postcard from New Zealand.

I hope no one was hurt and that no one was too disappointed.
You can read a little bit about it here - scroll down to 1965 October 16.

This post is part of Viridian's Sunday Stamps, you can check out this week's entries by clicking on the icon below.


  1. Poor balloonists - I bet there were red faces that day.

  2. Those balloon flights and souvenir postcards sound interesting. I wonder whether there was any purpose beyond advertising and creating souvenirs.

  3. And the NZ card is a promotion for Bernina sewing machines. I wonder if they took a sewing machine up in hte balloon too....

  4. Interesting postmarks. Shame the balloon burst.

  5. Interesting stamps for both Australia and New Zealand. Wonder how the balloon burst?

  6. The Austalian pillar box cancels are indeed curious. I'm just imagining all the excitement of the potential balloon flight, only to be deflated.


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