Tuesday, 29 November 2011

the named . . . Bunty

another one of those names that isn't heard so much these days.  I remember there being a comic for girls called 'Bunty' (well actually you could read it whatever your name was, just that it was a girls' comic).  Had I looked at this photo not knowing her name, I would never have expected her name to be Bunty.  She doesn't look a Bunty to me.


  1. I don't think that name crossed the pond, at least not to the left coast. I have never heard that name before, not even in fiction!

    Bunty has a nice pose.

  2. And I just noticed your new header. Spiffy! The font looks somewhat Brady Bunch like. Did that show ever make it your way? Count yourself lucky if it didn't.

  3. Yes, I remember watching the Brady Bunch, but only vaguely. The font is called AR CHRISTY, another similar one is Ravie. I'd been bored with the old header for a while . . .


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