Monday, 7 November 2011


Back to the album brings us on to this postcard, the first one which doesn't really belong and I feel has been added to fill a space.  Nevertheless it's a lovely postcard and takes us to France, to the town of Abbeville (district of the Somme) and in particular to the Rue Saint Vulfran.  The card was sent to England in 1949, although the picture is I would think from before the War.  Part of the message reads,
"Having a lovely time.  This place has had a terrific bombing.  Another card later."

The card was sent by 'Rene and Les' to the the people at the Firemans Arms, a pub in Birkenhead (you can see a picture of it here), but I'm not really sure of the purpose of their trip, but they did send a couple more postcards (which have found their way into my hands).

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  1. I was in Abbeville this summer. It must have been virtually flattened during the war because it was not a pretty place. My memory is of concrete blocks, rain and traffic jams. I don't suppose the rain was their fault but it seemed to fit.


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